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How Fast Does Ear Reflexology Work?

The Effects Can Be Felt within 60 Seconds!

Clients notice the difference normally after just 60 seconds into the session, and after the full treatment, 15-20 minutes later, they may feel so good, they may even have forgotten what their problem was to begin with. This, shockingly enough to them, is not an uncommon response, much to their delight!

No matter if it was issues surrounding physical, emotional, mental or spiritual blocks that brought them to me, the next thing I know, 1 to 3 days later, they contact me to say they have had some major change take place. Some stopped taking their MedRx antidepressant or anti "this or that" drugs without even trying - they just forgot, and are feeling GREAT. Or, they arrive walking in with two canes, and I have to chase after them once they have left to return their canes because they felt so good they no longer needed their support and totally forgot to use them, even though they had used their assistance for years now. Yes that is the difference ONE session can make. 

In the weeks following a Triple Session, I usually get feedback on the transformation that has taken place in their  entire lives, at the physical level, the emotional level, the intellectual level and the soul level. They have unstuck from a spot and cleared their environment of all sort of  unnecessary baggage they had carried for far too long, usually unconsciously. One side effect of Reflexology is the clarity to their soul purpose and ways in which to get there.

Every single set of ears I have serviced, at the numerous events and festivals I had the pleasure of participating in, have been ecstatically grateful for how good they felt about themselves afterwards... emotionally, about their body, their mind and about their soul. Onlookers even try Ear Reflexology simply from the deep in the "zone" expression they see on the faces of those getting an Ear Reflexology session as they walked by! Some say they never want to leave, they wanted to stay in this zone forever! Some even say it's better than sex!

I can say it is all of that and MORE - there is no vocabulary to describe the profound reboot leaving them in synch with their greatest potential that an ear job gives. Feeling like "I'm GOOD - I am going to make it - I have so may options - I love life... and simultaneously your negative patterns are erased when you vibrate at the proper frequency of BLISS. I have felt like a fairy godmother ever since I first became a Reflexologist, every one felt so GOOD following a session, and, their issues seemed to vanish into thin air, some said like magic! 

I assure everyone it is not magic, it is Reflexology! Reflexology uses the hands the feet, the face, or as in my case, the ears, as an interface, like a keyboard on a computer, to activate reflexes and restore them to homeostasis. The body does the rest, all by itself, to magically restore the proper frequency for them to hum. It is one of the biggest secrets of all, that we are all self healing vessels. How else would we have thrived upon this planet for the thousands or millions of years we have existed, depending on what books you ascribe to? However since the early 1900's, people social elites like Rockefeller and Bayer, arranged it so that we were taught to think differently about that.

I believe that this ancient healing alchemy should known and experienced by everyone, at least once. Once the undeniably relaxing and restorative effects of Reflexology are felt, one never forgets! After 3 sessions, most clients learn to do what they need to do to their own ears to regain homeostasis. In my 17 years of practicing I have never had a negative review on the results clients obtained over an agreed upon number of sessions. There is no more powerful means to reboot, no matter what ails you. It is like taking the weight of the world, off of client's shoulders. Freeing their mind. No matter how rosy I make it "sound", it is an experience that must be lived through to understand the Connection to Source and the Reboot to Bliss that occurs, in a morphogenetic transmutation that transcends all obstacles.

Ear Reflexology detoxes the mind, body and soul in the alchemy of one session, as is testified by the following videos. Gabriele quit a 45 year habit of smoking after 1 session; Trudy describes her transformation, releasing old patterns in 3 sessions; Alex describes how he quit a 20 year drinking habit in 6 sessions; Marcus de-stresses in 1 session; Michelle's neck pain vanishes in 1 session; Sebastien describes the "journey" he had in 1 session; finally Nora, a masseuse, describes the awakening she felt following the discovery of EAR power at her very first Ear Reflexology session! To attest how this works on any one with ears, two and four legged creatures, learn more here!


Abundant Gratitude

Michelle XOXOX

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