Had I not been detained by my side trip to Denia, I would have missed landing on Ibiza on the morning of the Full Moon of June 16, 2008 along with, let’s call the suave royal blood line “Prince Charming”, whom I met on the crossing from Barcelona to Ibiza since the season had not yet opened […]

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Sofie and Jenny’s Back Problems Vanish

Although this is a testimony from a 2 legged creature, Jenny, It all begins with Sofie, a 4 legged creature. Sofie is my neighbour and one day, after the family had been out to the stables to tend to the horses, I happened to notice Sofie returned limping. When I enquired about her condition,  Jenny told […]

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BLISS Effect

How Fast Does Ear Reflexology Work?

Clients notice the difference normally after just 60 seconds into the session, and after the full treatment, 15-20 minutes later, they may feel so good, they may even have forgotten what their problem was to begin with. This, shockingly enough to them, is not an uncommon response, much to their delight!No matter if it was issues surrounding physical, emotional, […]

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Ear Reflexology VS Other Therapies

If you were to get acupuncture to cover the same area that one Ear Reflexology consultation gives you in a treatment, you would look like Neo did here after he came out of The Matrix. Notice there are no needles on his ears…There are oodles of different therapies available but what sets Ear Reflexology, or […]

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Crashing turn of events

I was thrilled one of my Canadian DJ’s – Carlo Lio was coming to play at Amnesia on Ibiza! A fellow Aquarius to boot. It was going to be a special night I could feel it in the air.

All decked and ready to go except for the last accessory, my shoes. After fastening the last shoe buckle I lowered my leg to the floor and I hooked my heel on the carpet and fell backwards attempting to break my fall by extending my arms behind me as I hit the floor landing on my rear end. I heard a very loud bang and getting up rather uneventfully looked around to see what could have caused such a noise but I had no idea where it came from. My right wrist was a bit sore and bruised so I wrapped it up in a tensor bandage and went out to dance to Carlo.

In the morning I woke to a very swollen right hand and arm and knew i needed medical attention so i went to emerge. How humbling. They x-ray’d it and said i had two little chips broken off of my wrist and placed my lower right arm in a cast for 3 weeks.

When it was removed I could not move my thumb. They said the tendon must have been severed in the break. The bang I heard. I deconstructed life in Ibiza to return to Canada to seek help. I had reconstructive hand surgery December 5 2012 and spent the next the next year learning to retrain my hand to work with the assistance of a tendon taken from my index finger and connected to my thumb.

I spent the year following retraining my thumb to be able to do what it used to do – things like holding a pen to write, a hairbrush, a fork or knife.

Now it is with great determination that I retrain my hand to do ears again…


Toothache Vanishes

Root Canal Infection

Nine months ago I was in bad pain, with an infected root canal, when Michelle offered me an ear-reflexology- treatment. I didn't really believe that it could help, but I was open to try anything to remove the pain, so I accepted.

She positioned me comfortably and then as soon as she laid her tender and strong hands at my head I felt safe and in good hands. Something relaxed deep in me and let go of everything. It was an intense experience to have somebody work through your ears like that. It was slightly painful in a positive way.

Afterward my ears felt warm and somehow I felt free and very relaxed. My tooth pain was much less following the ear session and Michelle showed me some points on my hands and ears that I could press myself for healing. The next days I was busy pressing the points every few hours and tree days later the root canal problem was gone and didn't come back. Puhh, I felt so relieved - I didn't have to go to the Dentist - great.

Thank you so much, Michelle, for your loving, helping hands and for your ambition to really help, heal, support and spread the knowledge.




Sea Sickness Gone

Christian and I spent the summer frolicking about Ibiza, he building solar power plants and me squeezing ears. My flatmates and I took many trips around the island in his red van together discovering hidden nooks and crannies galore. Our final adventure before he returned to his homeland and I to mine, was a short trip to visit the adjoining island of Formentera, only a 2 hour ferry ride away.

We set off on a beautiful sunny day but with high winds making for a very rough ferry ride. Nonetheless, I was jotting around taking pictures of my home Siesta and the Ibiza skyline. I returned to where Christian was and saw he was very pale – he said he was feeling very ill suffering from seasickness.

I immediately sat down next to him and began pulling his ears to alleviate his motion sickness and within seconds his seasickness symptoms vanished. I looked up from him and saw he was not the only one suffering from sea sickness - people from around the world speaking many different languages began motioning for me come to the help their sea sick ones.

I continued to demonstrate how to calm their stomach one at a time (something club goers sometimes have an issue with) and asked them to pay it forward, to show another and help the ones next to them  It was a peculiar sight to behold a ferry load of people pulling at each others ears.

Everyone was smiling and grateful for the assistance in helping themselves feel better. The Captain of the ferry approached me nearing Formentera and thanked me for helping to avoid what would have otherwise a big mess to clean up. I taught him how to squeeze the ears so that he could help anyone on every boat load he took across 6 times a day from now on.

Another *Golden Ibiza Reflexology* moment....



Landing on Ibiza

Hoping off the train at the wrong station I ended up staying overnight on the mainland in Denia at some hotel off season it seemed the ferry did not operate from there till the month of July. Good to know, wish I’d have known sooner.I landed on Ibiza on the Full Moon of June 2008 […]

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