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Gabriele Beat A 45 Year Smoking Addiction After One Ear Reflexology Session

Quit Smoking in 1 to 10 sessions Max

The history of smoking plants predates many written texts and dates back to at least 5000 BC in shamanistic rituals. Many ancient civilizations, such as the Babylonians, Indians, Chinese, Israelites and Native Americans all burned incense made from herbs as a part of their spiritual rituals. Not to be left behind the Catholic and Orthodox Christian churches later began to use smoke apart of their rituals. The smoking of tobacco, as well as various other hallucinogenic herbs, was used to achieve a trance state to come into contact with the spirit world. Modern day smoking likely had it's origins from the sacred tobacco burning ceremonies of high priests and shamans, however  it was later popularized for pleasure, and as a social tool. The Marlboro man - your doctor smokes Marlboro ! Creating a huge GNP market for GMO tobacco crops, laced with poisonous toxins, unleashing the biggest addiction on mankind.

Inhaling the vaporized gas form of substances (smoke or smokeless) into the lungs is a quick and very effective way of delivering the substance into the bloodstream (as the gas diffuses directly into the pulmonary vein, then into the heart and from there to the brain) and affects the user within less than a second of the first inhalation. The lungs consist of several million tiny bulbs called alveoli that altogether have an area of over 70 m² (about the area of a tennis court). This is the premise behind the puffers many need to use due to smoking, another spin off from the "social tool"

It has been shown that even just the sound of opening a pack of cigarettes, or of someone offering a cigarette to other people, can increase the level of dopamine (the "happy feeling") in the brain, it has that strong an impact on our psyche. It is no wonder it has such a hold!

If you are ready to kick the habit - you have likely given it some serious thought and it just has to go. 

It could be for various reasons but for whatever reason you find your self here now. I'd say you're ready!

You can break free of the habit once and for all - just click here to book your session!

Gabriele recently celebrated one year smoke free!! This is her testimonial at 2 months smoke free

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