A Warm Ibiza Reflexology Hola!

Atlantis fallen of the coast of Ibiza?

Reflexology was likely actively practiced on Ibiza in the days of Atlantis. You may not be familiar with Reflexology, but it's been around for eons.

There are hieroglyphs of it in the Physicians tomb in the Pyramids of Giza. It was also practiced in Ephesus while Jesus visited in the days of the Bible's book of The Ephesians. Cleopatra insisted Alexander the Great do her feet. The Japanese concubine was treated to a foot treatment to prepare her to service her Master. Princess Diana was in the regular habit of receiving Reflexology up to 3 times a week! Louise Hay beat her cervical cancer with Reflexology 3 times a week for two months, lifestyle changes and positive affirmations, of course! The Dalai Lama goes around rubbing ears to this day! Ibiza Reflexology has made it available to anyone on IBIZA since 2008!

This ancient healing science of Reflexology unleashes one of the Great Mysteries - Transcendence to BLISS. You feel great from head to toe following a session!

The hands, the feet and the ears, ALL offer de-stressing, self healing "Portals or Microcosms", for us to utilize for the betterment of our health, happiness and life. The knowledge of these portals was almost lost, along with Atlantis, but with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Reflexology has experienced a new dawn, right here on Ibiza.

All of your Portals; the Hands, the feet and the Ears and the Face, are highly sophisticated electromagnetic healing devices for use to reset your core vibration to BLISS. These portals are all designed by the Creator to REBOOT, REFORMAT and REBIRTH your lovely body, mind, heart and soul to BLISS!  Ibiza Reflexology specializes in Ear Reflexology - the most potent of all! These are but a few testimonials on what Ibiza Reflexology can do to assist your body, mind and spirit regain homeostasis or great health!


Let yourself be revitalized under Michelle's transformative healing hands, a professional with 17 years experience in killing pain, regulating hormones, restoring wellness to BLISS!

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Learning how to reformat & rebirth yourself with your own two hands and your own two ears is easy with the simple to learn in 7 easy steps.

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Ibiza Reflexology volunteers Ear Reflexology Sessions at many local events all around Ibiza. Sign up for Updates to learn where she'll be next, or book your own event!

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The Mini-me in YOU!

To make a long story short, there is a mini-me, of you, inside your ears, available to transcend you from where ever you are presently, intellectually, emotionally, physically or spiritually, to where you aught to be.

Screen shot 2012-06-13 at 8.14.45 PMThe ears offer the most comprehensive medicine to diagnose, treat and balance the flow of energy through your chakras leaving you rejuvenated in a totally non-invasive environment, the only parts of you that are touched are your ears.

Those pretty auricles flanking your face are not only just for hearing! Discreetly laid upon your head, directly connected to your brain, they are the most innervated organs of the body, second only to the eyes. These nerves are connected directly to your brain. They then descend to the corresponding organs that they are connected to everywhere in the your body. Palpitating the ears with the fingers sends messages from the ears to the brain, just like hitting a stroke on your keyboard, that are delivered electromagnetically to all parts of your body, restoring balance at your core to BLISS

 The ears have a much more covert purpose hidden deep in every nook and cranny than you may have realized. They serve as the interface, the keyboards or, "Ear-Boards" as Michelle like to call them, to communicate via your electrical system, your nervous system, which is directly connected to all parts of you, parts of you that even blood does not flow to.


Light Years Ahead

Western Ear AnatomyEar Reflexology is light years beyond ear acupuncture because it treats the whole of you, not just bits.

The Ear-Board Microcosms are sophisticated diagnosis and treatment tools incorporating both Western anatomy, physiology, pathology and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Learn how to use your own built in tools!


Why should you choose Ibiza Reflexology over all other healing modalities available on the island during your stay?

There are oodles of different therapies available on the island but what sets Ibiza Reflexology apart is that you get more bang for your buck! Because you see, by simply manipulating the entire Ear-Microcosms you transform your ENTIRE Macrocosm, simultaneously. It is light years ahead of therapies like acupuncture and acupressure but if you were to get acupuncture to cover the same ground as Ear Reflexology does in  a treatment, you might look like Neo did here... Read what clients have to say here

This is what your body would look like if you used acupuncture to cover the same ground that Ear Reflexology does.

For those who wish gain a greater understanding of how Ear Reflexology works

Go here to learn how to do your own ears in 7 easy steps