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Rebound, Skip or Bounce Your Way Back To Health!

Bounce Medicine

I love to BOUNCE - my way on in life, if I don't - I falter, I fail. 
Then I remember again. 
It never grows old!

I've always loved to bounce whether in a hop scotch, I can't help hop into it when I see one and do the hop scotch through it to this day. Bouncing pumping up swinging, skipping rope - especially doubledutch, dancing, gymnastics or figure skating are all forms of bouncing I partook in as a child. My favourite was to climb a tree and find a springy limb to crawl on to and just lay on it and bounce. As grown ups we are forced to cease all such activities and sit in a chair to work for the rest of our lives... only to be ultimately told we are unhealthy because we don't exercise. We don't move, we don't bounce. If we do not bounce in such a sedentary lifestyle we soon start blowing parts.

My grandmother rebounded on her mini trampoline from her late 60's till her 95th birthday, when they decided to take it away from her because she might fall and hurt herself. We watched her health plummet thereafter. At 97 she suffered a massive heart attack due a fungal infection (candida - plugs the lymph system -- the body's garbage disposal system) and the inability of the body to rid itself of the toxic waste makes everything pile up everywhere and then the waste must circulate and float around in our veins and arteries - causing greater and greater pressure on our cardiovascular system.

She also fell and broke her hip as a consequence. Things were not good, so I flew to be by her side to assist in her recovery against my family's advice, they said I likely would not make it there in time to see her alive. On the same day my grandmother suffered her heart attack and fell, my sister Lynne, who had come to live with me 2 months prior broke my ring finger and badly sprained both my hands in an altercation that I attempted to subdue at 4AM. My finger needed serious attention, so I arranged the next viable flight back to Canada from Ibiza. Meanwhile they hooked my grandmother up to IV's and bolted a plate on to hold her hip together.

When my sister Yvonne and I arrived at the hospital, she was but a very frail, little puff of grey hair hooked up to tubes attached to machinery, she did not respond. The only part that was available to me without tubes attached were her feet. So, I softly untucked them from the crisp white linens, and gently applied systematic foot reflexology to help her body to heal itself. The hospital staff jokingly asked if they could get a foot rub too, and though I adore having my feet rubbed, I seriously responded this was NOT a foot rub it was Reflexology!! To which they chuckled - oh nice. The next day she was awake, but not lucid. The most heart wrenching part for me was that for the first time in my life, my grandmother did not know who I was, or who she was.

I repeated the same gentle foot reflexology the second day and again on the third day when she rose and was sitting up in bed for the first time since her accident, she still did know me by name but asked if I was my mother's daughter. On the fourth day when I arrived she looked at me and said "Michelle when did you get back from Spain?" As soon as she was disconnected from the tubes and IV's, I began working  her ears - gently every day at first, then every other day till she was released into convalescent care 2 weeks later.

The personal support worker for my grandmother asked if I would give her some of the ear thing I had given my grandmother, so I did her ears too, the day she was discharged from the hospital. My grandmother celebrated her 101st birthday a couple of months ago and is now rebounding moving around in her wheelchair mostly = they bolted the plate on wrong so her one leg is shorter than the other now, making it very fracturiously dangerous for her to walk about. 

Everyone should Bounce EVERY DAY!!! You do not necessarily need a rebounder or trampoline, a good old fashioned skipping rope works wonders, or even without it - just bouncing on the spot several times a day helps drain the lymphatic system wonderfully allowing all of your organs to function so much better as a result. 

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In his book ‘Jumping for Health’, Dr Morton Walker claims that just 2 minutes of rebounding offers equivalent physiological benefits as: 6 minutes of running, 10 minutes of swimming and 22 minutes of walking! - See more here 

In just 2 minutes of rebounding – the entire lymphatic system is flushed out and the white blood cell count nearly triples, providing a greater defense system to destroy cancer cells. - See more here 

Rebounding ~ How To

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 6.17.59 AMThis discovery is so simple that many actually discard it as being too ‘simple or easy’ to be of any value. However the results with people who did these exercises several times per day are sometimes close to ‘miraculous’

The benefits of Rebounding go way beyond exercise. It is a whole-body exercise where EVERY SINGLE CELL is rejuvenated and oxygenated (in your muscles, bones, eyes, heart, lungs, kidneys, ears, glands – everything!  NASA research found rebounding to be 68% more efficient than running on a treadmill!  In his book ‘Jumping for Health’, Dr Morton Walker claims that just 2 minutes of rebounding offers equivalent physiological benefits as: 6 minutes of running, 10 minutes of swimming and 22 minutes of walking!

Albert E Carter, Olympic athlete, journalist and lifelong rebound researcher has claimed that Rebounding to be ‘THE MOST EFFECTIVE EXERCISE YET DEVISED BY MAN’

In just 2 minutes of rebounding – the entire lymphatic system is flushed out and the white blood cell count nearly triples, providing a greater defense system to destroy cancer cells.

DEEP BREATHING TECHNIQUE – TO ACTIVATE THE LYMPH: soft walk on a rebounder/mini trampoline

1. Start off very gently – for 15 seconds with both feet firmly on the rebounder ‘soft walk’ on the surface gently raising each heel one at a time.
2. Never stress your body. As soon as you feel dizzy (a sign you are loaded with toxins) you stop. You could do some gentle deep breathing at the same time (its gets easier with practice)
3. Keep doing this ‘soft walk’ several times a day if possible until you can do 30 minutes without fatigue. Listen to music that fits your mood to enhance the benefits

If your legs become tired or you are not able to stand on the rebounder, sit on the rebounder, with your feet on the floor, use you hands and feet to gently bounce up and down. Make it more effective and fun by bouncing from one hip to the other. If you are wheel chair bound then just put your feet on the rebounder and have someone else jump on it and it will help you activate the lymph system.

1. After you can do up to 30 minutes of the soft walk and not feel tired start with the ‘low jog’. Do a slow, steady jogging motion, move your arms up and down and do deep breathing. This is not about speed but endurance. You may not be able to hold your breath like when you did deep breathing without the jumping on the trampoline but it will still be beneficial

1. After 5 minutes warming up with the ‘soft steps’ and ‘low jog’ you can now do faster and larger movements until you feel fatigue, then you return to the lower level aerobic lymphasizing – repeat slow fast slow fast …. fast slow gradually slow down, not too fast into the low jog and then the soft step. Breath normal
2. Do not do an Aerobic Lymph session and then get off the rebounder without doing these lower level low jog and then soft step, otherwise you will cause more stress and trapped proteins in your system. Always do the ‘cooling down’ program
3. When you step down, you should be able to speak calmly without any fatigue or stress and feel more energetic than before.It may take patient months to be able to do this full cycle. Transition is important. Its not about speed but endurance

Your body has about 60 to 80 trillion cells. The 2 to 4 G forces (gravitational pull) involved in bouncing with a ‘Rebounder’ squeezes out toxins. Then, during the brief weightless period when the body is suspended in the air, the lower pressure in the cell promotes the movement of nutrients into the cells. Thus the flow of materials to and from cells is improved. It is like getting every cell in your body to exercise. Trampoline use helps the lymphatic system eliminate toxins by increasing the gravitational pull as you bounce. The lymphatic system is the metabolic garbage can of the body. It rids the body of toxins, fatigue substances, dead cells, diseased cells, nitrogenous wastes, trapped protein, fatty globules, pathogenic bacteria, infectious viruses, foreign substances, heavy metals, and other assorted junk the cells cast off. Especially women with breast tumors would want to obtain a Rebounder and do daily sessions. Even 3 or 5 minutes will make a remarkable difference!

Source: The Best Exercise For Your Immune System: 

               Rebounding! by Chris Wark


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