Ibiza Reflexology arrives

Ibiza NOW “Reflexology ~ Michelle” featured!!



On top of Siesta, next to the stars!



Ibiza Reflexology has arrived

I was featured in same Ibiza NOW issue along with Carl Cox!!


Richard's Testimonial - Reflexology Michelle -featured in Ibiza NOW

Testimonial - Reflexology Michelle -featured in Ibiza NOW The speaker wasn't the recipient of Ear Reflexology however, he wanted me to give him a Foot Reflexology treatment. He knew what that was supposed to feel like as he'd received Reflexology fertility treatments 30 years prior to this day's treatment. They conceived a beautiful daughter as a result. He was eager to receive his foot treatment to gauge my abilities. It turned out really well, one month to the day, after I landed on Ibiza own the Full Moon of July 18,2008, I was featured on the China Pages for my Reflexology skills


Reflexology Michelle -featured in Ibiza NOW

Reflexology Michelle -featured in Ibiza NOW

Featured Ibiza NOW with Carl Cox!!

I was featured in Ibiza NOW magazine in the same issue as Carl Cox, the very first DJ I ever heard. 2016 was his last season on Ibiza - Space shut down along with his departure. But the BEAT lives on!


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