Sea Sickness Gone

Christian and I spent the summer frolicking about Ibiza, he building solar power plants and me squeezing ears. My flatmates and I took many trips around the island in his red van together discovering hidden nooks and crannies galore. Our final adventure before he returned to his homeland and I to mine, was a short trip to visit the adjoining island of Formentera, only a 2 hour ferry ride away.

We set off on a beautiful sunny day but with high winds making for a very rough ferry ride. Nonetheless, I was jotting around taking pictures of my home Siesta and the Ibiza skyline. I returned to where Christian was and saw he was very pale – he said he was feeling very ill suffering from seasickness.

I immediately sat down next to him and began pulling his ears to alleviate his motion sickness and within seconds his seasickness symptoms vanished. I looked up from him and saw he was not the only one suffering from sea sickness - people from around the world speaking many different languages began motioning for me come to the help their sea sick ones.

I continued to demonstrate how to calm their stomach one at a time (something club goers sometimes have an issue with) and asked them to pay it forward, to show another and help the ones next to them  It was a peculiar sight to behold a ferry load of people pulling at each others ears.

Everyone was smiling and grateful for the assistance in helping themselves feel better. The Captain of the ferry approached me nearing Formentera and thanked me for helping to avoid what would have otherwise a big mess to clean up. I taught him how to squeeze the ears so that he could help anyone on every boat load he took across 6 times a day from now on.

Another *Golden Ibiza Reflexology* moment....



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