Had I not been detained by my side trip to Denia, I would have missed landing on Ibiza on the morning of the Full Moon of June 16, 2008 along with, let’s call the suave royal blood line “Prince Charming”, whom I met on the crossing from Barcelona to Ibiza since the season had not yet opened […]

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I would look at the clock and it would read 5:55, I see it on signs, on price tags and on items I encounter on my journey a lot lately. I have observed the significance of these numbers come and go in and out of my life over time enough to pay attention when they […]

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Tanit – The Goddess of Love and Dance

The Goddess of Love and DANCE is said to have been born on Ibiza -
If you have ever wondered why the draw for me to go there was so strong, this video will explain why I left life as I knew it, to venture there all alone, uninvited and scared sh*tless!!
The moment I meditated before Es Vedra on 08-08-08, everything in my life changed magnanimously for the good.

We've come a long way baby.
May the FORCE be with you!


Chronic Neck Pain Vanishes After 1 Consultation

December 2011

Rob had a chronic neck pain that had immobilized him for weeks. Prior to his consultation he could not turn his head the pain in his neck was so severe. So severe that even the strong pain killers he was on did little to ease it, and he was worried about becoming dependent on the pain killers.

Rob’s neck pain vanished after one session never to return again, and he no longer needed any pain killers!!



December 2011





March 2015

Rob still pain free 2 years later!

Care4Cats Ibiza – Pink Panther – 05-02-12

Care 4 Cats Ibiza – Pink Panther – San Antonio, Ibiza Ibiza Reflexology was on hand at The Pink Panther Studio Ibiza to squeeze ears for a Fundraiser in aid of homeless cats on Ibiza! Cats LOVE Auricular Acupressure as much as 2 legged creatures do!! Our 4 legged feline friends have the same Microcosm […]

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Casita Verde – Sunday BLISS

consultation Every Sunday during the 2010 Season Ibiza Reflexology can be found in the Healing area at Casita Verde to squeeze your ears and return you to a zero point, pain free and vibrant - ready to take on life's challenges.