Let the tiger in your woman roam free

I guarantee if you follow these 8 Steps you'll become a wildly accomplished lover, able to give your woman the most mind-blowing, sheet-gripping, ear-splitting, window-rattling, multi-climactic experiences of her life, every time, time after time.

Women open themselves physically to a man they trust emotionally. If you lie, cheat, rage or if you're insecure about your worth as a man or a lover she can sense it and will never fully open herself to you.
Beyond being a good human being, a decent father and a nice guy, you must know who you are and live with the conviction of your purpose, both in your work and with your woman.
*This is the key to a woman trusting you with her body.

If she doesn't believe you care about her outside of the bedroom she'll never trust you with the secrets of her erotic pleasures inside the bedroom. How you respond to the things she tells you about her concerns about work, her friends, the kids and her family will determine how secure she feels to scream out in ecstasy.
If you don't have the time or the interest to understand her mind it will remain closed to you.
*This is the key to her sharing her erotic desires.

Stand in the fire of her heat and prove that among all men you're *her* man. Take it until she has cooled. Don't cower, don't run, and don't shout her down. Hold her in a way that her fiercest emotions are absorbed by the depth of your love.
Embrace her chill. Wrap her into yourself until her fear and insecurities are erased by the warmth of your unconditional love. Be the one who she can count on to accept and embrace her no matter how she's feeling and reassure her you'll be with her through to the other side.
*This is the key to opening the depths of her soul.

For everything she does that wouldn't happen if you were alone, thank her. Nothing is owed to you so take nothing for granted. A relationship isn't about score keeping. Great lovers see relationships as 100/100 not 50/50.
Thank her with your words, the occasional gift, your touch and most of all with your eyes. She reads the depth of your love through the windows of your eyes.
*This is the secret to your woman wanting to fulfill your every desire.

Reach over in the morning and stroke her without intent. Touch her hand, squeeze her hip, or kiss her neck when you brush by. Demonstrate by your actions that you find her irresistible.
Needy stroking to coax her into the mood is never necessary when every touch you give her is filled with confident love. Let your touch be an energy of what you give rather than a signal of what you desire.
*This is the key to making every touch one a woman responds to.

Take her in with your eyes. Steal a glance when she's not looking. Gaze at her with profound pleasure as she comes to meet you and when you hold her in your embrace look past her eyes and into the soul of the woman you adore.
It's a look of recognition, acceptance, love and understanding that defies words. It holds a power beyond the statement, "I love you". Seeing her goes deeper, it's about knowing every quirk, having seen every imperfection, living through life's stresses together and still having the peace and trust of total understanding and acceptance.
*This is the secret to her opening her eyes and connecting her soul to yours in the most intense moments of love making.

Overwhelm her with your love, claim her with your kiss, thrill her with the way you never stop dating her and make her blush with your compliments.
Choose a woman that makes you want to live life fiercely, whose existence in yours makes you want to be a better man and when you take her, claim her with a passion that leaves no doubt that there's nothing you wouldn't do to leave her the most satisfied woman on earth.
*This is the key to finding her open to your most intense passion and to yielding to your fiercest desire.

Always be trustworthy, listen to her daily, thank her for the little things, touch her when she isn't expecting it, hold her no matter what, claim her every time like it will be the last, and see her through the eyes only a lover has.
As a lover you don't stop until you have shown her over and over that you will never have your full of her and that there could not possibly be a man so adoring or consumed with passion for what she offers you.
*This is how you will discover a woman whose desire exceeds your own, whose appetite is never quenched, and who is convinced that her man is the greatest lover on earth.

Graham R White

Art by Samarel

Posted in BLISS Stories.

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