Privilege Initiation 2008

The last party I went to before returning to Canada my first season was the Zoo Project - Clint Lee one of the Zoo DJ's got my friends and I on the guest list and we danced all afternoon and evening. The Zoo Project was a renegade stage set up at an abandoned zoo grounds turned night club. It reminded of the Northern Ontario Harvest Festival Vibe - I fit right in with the beats and the Zoo animals - I noticed there was a "Zoo Rub" area where guests could get various types of massages and made a point of getting in touch with the "Zoo Rub" boss about squeezing some ears there next season.

All good things must come to an end and due to noise bylaws that happened at the bewitching hour of midnight for the Zoo Project. There was an excitement on the exodus I did not understand as we lined up for the free buses that arrived. I hoped on the bus to get out of the wilderness area where the Zoo was located get to town, or so i thought.  The bus dropped us off somewhere I had never been before - Privilege, only part way home to Siesta. So when in Rome do as the Romans do. I was not even sure where I was located on the island, relative to home at this point but I learned from the gate keeper where I was and how to get home.

The price they wanted to get in was more than I had on me at that moment so, as he gave me the details of how and where to catch the next bus home, I noticed he was flinching and there was a woman massaging his back. When I asked him if he was in pain he disclosed that he was in excruciating pain from a back injury. *Ibiza Reflexology Golden Opportunity*

I manipulated his hands and his ears and within a few minutes he was totally pain free and smiling from ear to ear, hugging me to thank me for the huge relief he felt. He was very grateful teaching him to handle this chronic condition himself. The girl who was massaging him asked if I was interested in going in - I said ABSOLUTELY! The Gate Keeper said -" you like this music? here is my card giving you free entry whenever you like"

I entered into the twilight zone of Privilege and I bathed in the sound resonance filtering through me till dawn then made my way home renewed.



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