W.H.O. – What the Ears can do for you

Whatever part of you that is ailing, any bit that is in pain, inflamed or swollen can be reached via the portal of the instruments of the ears on which the hologram of the human body is overlaid to access whatever parts we need to and soothe what ails in a few pinches.

This video lists the cures the World Health Organization found as the result of a 20 year research

It must be emphasized that the list of diseases, symptoms or conditions covered here is based on collected reports of clinical trials, using the descriptions given in those reports. http://whqlibdoc.who.int/publications/2002/9241545437.pdf
Source http://www.auricularacupressure.com/what-the-auricles-can-do-for-you/

World Health Organization List of Cures


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