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Alexandra Wenman, Editor of Prediction, UK

“I had the huge privilege of meeting Michelle Robert Smith on a Luxury Psychic Retreat in Ibiza recently, where she treated to me to one of the most unusual and compelling healing sessions I think I’ve ever had. In my job as Editor of Prediction magazine, I have always been familiar with Reflexology, but, I have to say, I had never heard of it being performed on ears before. To my delight, this incredibly simple technique brought about some profound changes for me – most notably, the neck pain and shoulder tension I suffer from constantly was vastly alleviated by my session with Michelle. In fact, every time I mentioned that a spot on my ear – where she was squeezing – was tender, she would tell me what part of the body it related to – and it was always an area where I had been experiencing problems or blockages. Michelle explained to me that the ear looks like an inverted human foetus and showed me a map of all the parts of the body on that foetus/ear. It really is that simple, you can even try it on yourself with her new book "I AM HEALER"– and it works! Thanks Michelle.”
Alexandra Wenman, Editor of Prediction, UK, May 21, 2011.

Alexandra Wenman


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