Broken Ribs – Car Accident Recovery

In the summer of 2010 I had a car accident and broke two of my ribs on the left side of my back. Ever-since then I was suffering from back pains on the left side that I never had before the accident.

I met Michelle after my accident, while I was recovering from the broken ribs. I told her about my pain, and that the pain wasn't the ribs but a spot above the broken ribs.

After the treatment I felt that my body and back was restoring. A feeling like electricity was going trough my body touching every part inside. That lasted for about 10 minutes and then this feeling turned into waves that slowly disappeared after a couple of minutes.

A strange but exciting feeling, like new energy is coming into your body and it resets everything.

Afterwards Michelle taught me how to do the treatment for the pain in my back myself. She put a seed on the reflex spot on my ear that I had to press and squeeze to help myself to release the pain in my back. And indeed the pain in my back went away.

I thank Michelle allot, because when you go to a doctor they will give you some pain killers to solve the problem, but she showed me that you can actually solve the problem without taking medication for it.

I can recommend ear reflexology to everybody, and not only when you have pain. It is a natural way to reset everything inside of you that is out of balance.

Just try it and you will be amazed. 



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