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Ibiza Reflexology operates from a holistic approach to wellness, delivering a whole

  Blissful NEW YOU - body, mind, heart and soul

Your Private Consultation will begin by uncovering any problems or blockages you are presently plagued with. Next we will determine the course of action required to return you to your beaming full potential, shinning forth with your passion in the world.  Whether you are in chronic pain or just want to clear your mind, Ibiza Reflexology will return you to BLISS!

Upon booking your initial consultation you will receive an intake form by email for you to complete and return to me prior to your initial consultation, to outline your current condition. The intake questionnaire will be discussed in detail at our first consultation where we will properly assess, diagnose and treat your presenting condition(s).

Initial Private Consultation includes

1: Following the complete assessment of your condition(s) based on the intake questionnaire, you will have your ears "read", with the assistance of digital photos. Each bump, nook and capillary on your ears mean something is going on with the corresponding reflex area within the body. The ears speak volumes IF you know how to read them! 

2: An Ear Reflexology treatment is an immersion into BLISS from the very beginning. The therapy begins by de-stressing you first off, and plunging your body into the parasympathetic mode of being, the state of deep rest and repair. All within the first 2 minutes of the treatment, and that is just the first step of 7 systematic steps in a complete Ear Reflexology session, which takes approximately 30 minutes to administer.

3: The tools you will need to maintain your REBOOT to keep your energy moving and to maintain your state of BLISS;

  • Ear-Mergency First-Aid chart for self-treatment specific to your condition;
  • Hand Chart tailored for self-treatment specific to your condition;
  • Simple nutritional guidelines to keep you healthy for life, easily and effortlessly.


Choose the package you wish to book below to receive your intake questionnaire, then complete it and return it prior to your consultation. 

Ibiza Reflexology anxiously awaits to seriously reset your core vibration to BLISS

Private Counsultation

For those looking for a clearer head, empty sinuses, moving bowls, a new vitality, armed with everything you need to help your body thrive, your mind to excel and your heart to soar, the Initial Consultation is for you!

Private Consultation


1 Consultation


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Triple Consultation

For those looking for relief from an acute condition or if you have been suffering with a chronic condition, you need the Triple Consultation: 3 daily consecutive consultations: 1 Defrags you, 2 Reformats you & 3 REBOOTS you

Triple Consultation


3 Consecutive Consultations 


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Accepted Payment Methods: Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal  

Zero Point Consultation

For those looking for relief from a long standing condition or any addiction, 10 daily consecutive consultations will erase all traces of it from your mind, body, heart and spirit for you to REBIRTH to your full potential. Lifetime support included.

Point Zero Consultation


10 Consecutive Consultations


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Accepted Payment Methods: Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal  

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