Couple Classes

Couple’s Class – 300 €

All classes develop in 3 Stages of learning

  1. Theory - Learn the layout of the Ear-Boards
  2. Application - The technique and sequence of application on self
  3. Practice - Hands on application of your new skills on another

All classes include 3 tools to aid you in continuing to develop your EAR skills

  1. "I AM HEALER - YOU are the ONE" Ear Reflexology Instruction Manual
  2. Videos for the 7 Steps to REBOOT to BLISS
  3. Digital Ear-Board Map


Couple's Classes focus on teaching you the basic techniques and partners have a tremendous advantages in learning together to REBOOT each other. Ever wonder why it feels so hot to have sweet nothings whispered in your ears? Lovers will learn there are numerous erogenous reflexes, where they are and how to work them, that drastically enhances a couples love life. Deepen your passion and soar to new heights as a couple! Equipped with this awareness and understanding of their partner's reflexes easily found on the hands, feet and ears, couples will find these lifetime of "sex-aids" built right on the body very passionate in the bedroom.

 2017 Spring Special 50% Discount!

Spring Special in Effect April 1 to April 15, 2017

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