Spring Special 50% Discount on all Classes

Ibiza Reflexology wants to teach you to Detox, Reboot and Rebirth by simply using your fingers and your ears!

 Screen shot 2015-03-10 at 3.17.41 PMYou will hugely benefit from learning this empowering little personal reformatting feature we all are born with, attached to our heads, our ears, for use in making adjustments to your physiology for things like:

  • upset stomach,
  • back pain,
  • PMS,
  • hormonal imbalances,
  • blood pressure problems,
  • mood swings,
  • hunger pangs,
  • weight control,
  • cholesterol problems,
  • addiction problems,
  • elimination problems,
  • dental problems,
  • reproductive problems...

This is but the tip of the iceberg of the conditions you have remedies available at your ease and disposal, on your ears! Ear-Mergency First-Aid.


Based on the teachings of Crane School of Reflexology instructed to me by the Reflexology Association of Canada (R.A.C.) you will learn First Aid at Your Fingertips!



Michelle wants the world to know just how easy it is to reset their core vibration to the ZERO point of BLISS for themselves, and is absolutely fulfilling her life purpose by empowering others to do. She is delighted to unveil the line up for this 2017 Season's offerings in Ear Reflexology Classes for beginners, and therapist alike.

Whether you are one, a couple, just a few, or many who wish to undertake an adventure into discovering self healing through hands on teaching, Ibiza Reflexology has a Class for you! You will learn how to restore inner balance and recharge source energy for your self or anyone else - on demand.

Screen shot 2015-03-10 at 2.03.34 PMTreating the whole of you by squeezing your ears is like being immersed into a bath of love and every cell of your body recognizes that and mirrors it back to you. Flushing out all of the unwanted debris from your body, your mind, your heart and your soul to be released and eliminated from your vibration, leaving you in BLISS! Really cool stuff!

Ear Reflexology works wonders to alleviate acute as well as chronic conditions. Best of all, you will learn to de-stress and re-energize in under 1 minute - anytime, anywhere!

 Young and old, especially appreciate the wisdom found in the ears. The elderly are wise to the BLISS that ensues from a little ear manipulation. Children duplicate this instantly, right down to exerting the precise pressure to squeeze others ears with, and because their little fingers are astutely pointy they serve as wonderful acupressure tools. They love sharing it with other children too - they have not forgotten they are the ONE!

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All classes develop in 3 Stages of learning

  1. Theory - Learn the layout of the Ear-Boards

  2. Application - The technique and sequence of application on self

  3. Practice - Hands on application of your new skills on another

All classes include 3 tools to aid you in continuing to develop your EAR skills

  1. "I AM HEALER - YOU are the ONE" Ear Reflexology Instruction Manual

  2. Videos for the 7 Steps to REBOOT to BLISS

  3. Digital Ear-Board Map

Duration and price of class vary according to it's size.

Please see individual class of your choice for details below.

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Spring Special 50% Discount on all Classes

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Private Classes

Include the 3 Stages + focus on teaching you basic techniques to zero in on specific issues you want to flush out of your frequency matrix from A to Z, Alzheimer's to Zit Addiction. Whatever ails you is targeted and eliminated from your vibrational frequency.


Group Classes

Include the 3 Stages + an environment to learn with others. Attend one of Ibiza Reflexology's planned group classes which are open to the public. Or offer a day of BLISS as a gesture of appreciation and recognition to your group of peeps, employees and staff, family and friends or organizations and corporations. Empower them with a state of the art, light years ahead of any thing else life-aid, Ear-Mergency First-Aid.

Couples Classes

Include the 3 Stages + partners have tremendous advantages in learning together to REBOOT each other. Ever wonder why it feels so hot to have sweet nothings whispered in your ears? Lovers will learn there are numerous erogenous reflexes, where they are and how to work them, that drastically enhances a couples love life. Deepen your passion and soar to new heights as a couple!