Care4Cats Ibiza – Pink Panther – 05-02-12

Care 4 Cats Ibiza – Pink Panther – San Antonio, Ibiza Ibiza Reflexology was on hand at The Pink Panther Studio Ibiza to squeeze ears for a Fundraiser in aid of homeless cats on Ibiza! Cats LOVE Auricular Acupressure as much as 2 legged creatures do!! Our 4 legged feline friends have the same Microcosm […]

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Beach Clean Up – Casita Verde


Beach Clean up

Beach Cleaning report - 19Aug10

Beach Cleaning report - 19Aug10

On Thursday 19th of August from 6pm, Greenheart Ibiza made the third Eco-conscious event in the’ Ibiza Limpia 2010’ (clean Ibiza) series, by cleaning Cala Martina next to the Camping La Playa in Es Canar

As usual we had a multi-national team of more than 20 people collecting a variety of garbage over a two hour period, as well as the presence of divers cleaning the bottom of the sea.

Having lots of fun and awakening the consciousness of beach users throughout the event, we left the whole area totally free of rubbish, just as we’d like to find it when we return in the future. Once again, we have shown that by working together we can leave our planet cleaner and more beautiful!

After finishing the cleaning, we all went along to the Hotel ‘Ciel Azul’ some 300m from Cala Martina, where, apart from having a tasty vegetarian dinner, we enjoyed an evening of live music, the projection of the film 'Home' and a presentation of the Transition Towns movement.

As with all of our cleaning projects so far this year, we obtained the approval and support of the local council, with the idea to form closer ties of cooperation with the administration of each municipality of the island.

For more information on the ‘Ibiza limpia’ campaign and to find out where and when we do the next eco-conscious action, keep an eye on this website and

Report by Chris Dews, President, Ibiza Ecologic, Greenheart Ibiza.