Ibiza Reflexology arrives

Ibiza NOW “Reflexology ~ Michelle” featured!!

Synchronicity  On top of Siesta, next to the stars!     I was featured in same Ibiza NOW issue along with Carl Cox!!   Testimonial – Reflexology Michelle -featured in Ibiza NOW The speaker wasn’t the recipient of Ear Reflexology however, he wanted me to give him a Foot Reflexology treatment. He knew what that […]

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Toothache Vanishes

Root Canal Infection

Nine months ago I was in bad pain, with an infected root canal, when Michelle offered me an ear-reflexology- treatment. I didn't really believe that it could help, but I was open to try anything to remove the pain, so I accepted.

She positioned me comfortably and then as soon as she laid her tender and strong hands at my head I felt safe and in good hands. Something relaxed deep in me and let go of everything. It was an intense experience to have somebody work through your ears like that. It was slightly painful in a positive way.

Afterward my ears felt warm and somehow I felt free and very relaxed. My tooth pain was much less following the ear session and Michelle showed me some points on my hands and ears that I could press myself for healing. The next days I was busy pressing the points every few hours and tree days later the root canal problem was gone and didn't come back. Puhh, I felt so relieved - I didn't have to go to the Dentist - great.

Thank you so much, Michelle, for your loving, helping hands and for your ambition to really help, heal, support and spread the knowledge.




Unconditional Love


Michelle is amazing because her mission is to empower others, and not to be reliant on therapy. She wants people to learn how to be their OWN therapists.

Her mission is for us to learn how to map our own bodies and step by step, rewire our own patterns so that we are functioning with our optimal positive life-force energy that is inside every one of us. We do have the power to heal ourselves - this is the real magic - and Michelle's unique yet so simple hands-on aural technique is a revolution.

We just need to remember to touch our ears!!!! Thank you so much Michelle, for your bounding enthusiasm, joy, wisdom and will to give .-. you show us how to give to ourselves, and how to in the end, love ourselves unconditionally.

When we heal ourselves, we love ourselves unconditionally and it is only through loving ourselves unconditionally that we can heal ourselves and the world around us. After a therapy session with Michelle, I always feel incredibly at peace.…and the world in turn becomes more peaceful.