BLISS Effect

How Fast Does Ear Reflexology Work?

Clients notice the difference normally after just 60 seconds into the session, and after the full treatment, 15-20 minutes later, they may feel so good, they may even have forgotten what their problem was to begin with. This, shockingly enough to them, is not an uncommon response, much to their delight!No matter if it was issues surrounding physical, emotional, […]

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Events AtzarO

Nora Bolton learns to reset her adrenal glands

Nora, a Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor recounts her Auricular Therapy experience following a session at Atzaro's Spring celebration in Ibiza, Spain.

She also wanted to know where the reset for her adrenal glands was so I have included the spot to squeeze on both ears in this video. ~WARNING~ if you are under undue stress the spot will be sore to pinch - go easy at first adding pressure as the pain lessens.

Ibiza Reflexology arrives

Ibiza NOW “Reflexology ~ Michelle” featured!!

Synchronicity  On top of Siesta, next to the stars!     I was featured in same Ibiza NOW issue along with Carl Cox!!   Testimonial – Reflexology Michelle -featured in Ibiza NOW The speaker wasn’t the recipient of Ear Reflexology however, he wanted me to give him a Foot Reflexology treatment. He knew what that […]

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